1. Lisette: "#NotAFemalePercussionist"
    Lisette: "#NotAFemalePercussionist"
  2. Althea: "The Middle Passage"
    Althea: "The Middle Passage"
  3. Goussy: "Music and the Mommy"
    Goussy: "Music and the Mommy"
  4. Yesenia: "The Making of an Afro-Latina"
    Yesenia: "The Making of an Afro-Latina"
  5. Chikako: "Where I Feel at Home"
    Chikako: "Where I Feel at Home"
  6. Sahirah: "Being a BAMW Artist"
    Sahirah: "Being a BAMW Artist"

In her VOICE

Founded in 2017, In her Voice, is a passion project envisioned by percussionist, vocalist and composer, Lisette Santiago. Comprised of vignettes, In her Voice, presents an intimate journey into the lives of female artists of color. Each artist invites the audience into their creative process as they reveal narratives of identity and transformation.  With each story telling, artistic mediums such as music, dance, song, theater, etc. are utilized to share the experiences 
 of maintaining an authentic voice amid the constructs of gender, race, ethnicity, cultural, religious and socio- economic status.Armed with a line-up of accomplished artists, each with unique talents and versed in multi- disciplinary art forms, In her Voice, presents the feminine voice unfiltered, without apology and insistent on projecting the resilience and ingenuity borne from it’s need to be heard.